Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Healthy Yogurt Station

After seeing the breakfast bar in my kitchen (which now includes a quick morning oatmeal), Leanne (Away We Go) emailed me to share something similar she does in her home with yogurt.  She created an adorable, functional way to have a healthy yogurt snack with a variety of toppings.  It's great to have all these yummy ingredients on hand and easily accessible.  Here's Leanne to tell you how she did it.

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Yogurt cups have always been a popular snack in our house and over the past few months we have pretty much made the switch to Greek. The health benefits are plentiful and these days the options for flavours are endless! I absolutely love the individual containers that include a portion of toppings to add in.  I find the combination of nuts, granola or even dark chocolate to be a very satisfying late afternoon snack!  However, as much as I love these little treats, I do find their cost adds up. In order to save a bit of money, but keep this healthy option in our kitchen I decided to put together a little Yogurt Station. 

To get started, I gathered a variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruit from the bulk section of our grocery store and placed them in some glass jars that I already had on hand. 

I placed a washi tape label on each jar to identify it's contents. I think that washi tape is great for this job because it can easily be switched out as the contents of the jar change.  

The jars fit nicely in this small basket, which is a perfect fit for our pantry shelf.  

Here is a list of what I currently have in our "Yogurt Station"
roasted almonds
 candied pecans
dried cranberries
shaved dark chocolate
 pumpkin seeds

Now I am able to buy large tubs of Greek yogurt, which saves money and waste (the individual servings are often too large for my kids). When we need a little snack we grab the basket from the pantry and top our yogurt to fit our mood! I love granola and honey in the morning, and pecans with dark chocolate before bed!

Thanks so much for sharing Leanne!  I adore the jars and washi tape labels too! - Megan

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  1. I love this idea! I eat a lot of Chobani pineapple yogurt, and recently started adding my homemade granola to it, but other toppings would give me variety. Thanks to you and Leann both for the great idea. I might do this using jelly jars since they are smaller than pint jars, to save space on my counters.

    1. Chobani is my favourite too! Pineapple yogurt... I'm thinking... toasted coconut?

  2. Great idea. Love yogurt parfaits here as well.

  3. I love this idea! Yogurt station is going on my to-do list this week!

  4. I love this!

  5. Where are those amazing bowls from?


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