Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tricep/Bicep WORKOUT

Ready to get some nice, shapely arms?!  Here is a great workout for your biceps and triceps.  I used to not care too much about tricep or back exercises, but they are necessary to achieve that sculpted looked I'm going for.  

I've got a pretty good bicep coming along- it doesn't look that pumped unless I'm flexing though.  

This workout incorporates "dips" and "pushups" which you can do at home too.


Image via Katsized

DIPS (triceps)
I put my feet out farther than pictured below, it's more difficult that way.

Image via Women's Health

PUSHDOWNS (triceps)

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Don't be intimidated by the machines.  Ask a trainer how to use them if you are unsure.  But, they usually have a modular that shows the body part the machine is intended for (blackened out or colored orange) and an illustrated drawing of how to do the exercise.

Some of the machines come with different attachments and you may need to switch them out to get the one you are looking for. At my gym, extra handles/attachments are kept in a specific spot, but sometimes I have to take one off of one machine and move it to the one I'm working on.  If I can't reach it, I'll just ask someone for help.  Also, I'm careful not to take a weight/attachment that someone is using- just ask first!  

They all "clip" on.  So, for instance, for TRICEP PUSHDOWNS, if you didn't want to do them with a rope (like the guy is doing in the second photo above) you can unclip it and replace it with a straight bar like in the photo of the woman. 

Also, most machines have plates that are weighted 1= 10 pounds, 2=20 pounds, 3=30 pounds, etc.  If you need 15 or 25 or 35 pounds, you can add a 5 pound plate.  Sometimes I have to look around to find a 5 pound plate- but they are usually hanging on the side of a machine.

Image via Gorecess


Image via Bodybuilding.com

Image via EliteFTS


BARBELL CURLS "21"  (biceps)
These are my favorite!  Use a barbell and follow the guide below.

Image credit unknown

You can see my SHOULDER & BACK workouts too.

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  1. Love how much you're helping us all with your tried and true workouts! Thank you! :)

  2. What's the difference between the incline bicep curl and the dumbbell bicep curl

  3. Yes I LOVE working out arms and HAVING good arms! I have kind of forgotten about inclined bicep curls- need to get on that.

  4. Last night was my bicep workout so great timing. The bicep 21's were tough, I was laughing by the third set seeing the faces I was making and hoping my arms didn't fall off :-). I like to do 21's on my shoulder day with the lateral raises, 21's are so challenging.

  5. What's the difference between the incline bicep curl and the dumbbell bicep curl


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